Neon and LED Signage

Illuminate your brand with custom neon signage as a modern lighting option, and capture attention in busy urban landscapes.

Neon signage offers an excellent solution, as it thrives in long-range and rooftop placement, by standing out amongst the noise.

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High impact branding

Strong branding is a crucial aspect of any business. Neon business signage offers an excellent solution for capturing attention and standing out in busy urban landscapes, particularly for long-range and rooftop signage. Neon signs cut through the visual clutter and are a cost effective spend of your advertising dollar.

Our neon signage is handcrafted and custom made, and have a balance of being both retro and contemporary as a feature.

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Why choose neon signage for your brand?

Neon signs are a work of art: handcrafted and custom made, they create a glowing image for you to display. While they can be viewed as a retro choice, there is also something very modern about them.

The lightweight, low maintenance and energy-efficient properties of our LED, LED Neon and neon signage solutions allow businesses to be visible 24/7 at a more attractive price.

Signtech have a long history in designing, crafting and installing bespoke neon signs. This history going back to the time of specialist neon sign craftsmen with the necessary trade skills to comply with high voltage circuitry regulations. From large outdoor logos to interior decor, the possibilities are endless.

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