Ironhood Fitness

Bringing the buzz of New York City to the pace of Ironhood Fitness.


Ironhood Fitness is a premium health club in the heart of the city. Featuring a state-of-the art PRAMA group fitness room, a new circuit training program controlled by software that combines music, videos, mood lighting, interactive flooring and HIIT in a highly motivating training environment.

Our client was after a wall graphic that would help transform and complete the space they'd created for their PRAMA workout room. The wall is a complex build of tall architectural 3 dimensional planes, with windows in-between some sections.

We thought of the idea to use these vertical 3D features to our advantage and a cityscape image would fit perfectly. We created the illusion of looking down the long streets between the buildings, utilising the window gaps.

We spent several hours searching for the perfect image that would suit the design and dimensions of our wall, discovering this stunning photo of New York city at night. Some clever cropping carefully lined up the buildings to the 'street windows'. We also wanted to retain some of the sky and river of the image.

Printing the graphic in vertical tiles to fit two faces at a time, ensures it folds around the edges. We wanted to avoid having any joins on an edge as people could be working out right next to wall and damage it. It proved to be a tricky install, as the walls were not straight, but our installers matched it up perfectly and the client was ecstatic with the result.