Digital Printing

With the development of printing technology it is now possible to produce spectacular full colour images. There are many different output devices. We have chosen ink solvent technology being the best available, especially for illuminated displays, to withstand closer viewing and frequent touching. High quality files, high quality equipment and finger print resistant glare free finishes should be used.

Big colourful graphics can reinforce a stores branding and distinguish one section of a big store from another. Images of products can convey messages of freshness, quality or variety.

The check out point can visually reinforce the store owners’ desire of how the store should be perceived.

For reception areas, restaurants and retail shops unique environments can be created.

Custom designed wall coverings enable home owners design living spaces that reflect their personalities and interests. The material used has the thickness of traditional coverings making it possible to hide imperfections on the walls.

File Specification Guidelines


  • Adobe Photoshop CS,
  • Adobe Illustrator CS,
  • Macromedia Freehand MX,
  • Corel Draw 8
  • Gerber Sign making (Omega)


Scan from the best artwork possible, (Scans from printed material such as newspapers, business cards, magazines etc. are not recommended)

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