Artwork guidelines.

Brand Guidelines

Supplying a brand guideline is the best way for us to create artwork that will match your current branding. This guideline should include vector logo(s), fonts and colours (preferably pantones). A vector file is a must for computer-cut vinyl jobs. It may be necessary to reconstruct your logo in vector format if you can not supply this which may result in extra costs.


Files need to be compatible with our software. We use Adobe Suite, so we can accept .ai .pdf, .tiff, .psd and.jpg (if being cut out of vinyl this will need to be recreated).


We prefer all graphics to be in vector format (AI, EPS or PDF) but if this is not possible we would ask that images are supplied in the highest quality possible (300ppi at 100% scale). Low quality images may produce blurry or pixelated results.


We ask that all print files include a 10mm bleed for any supplied artwork if possible. It is much easier to remove bleed than to add it.


If possible, please supply colours as Pantones (PMS colours) for accurate colour matching. Print files will need to be set up in CMYK. Digitally printed colours may differ slightly from artwork but we will attempt to match this as best we can.

Final Checklist

  • Up to date brand guidelines
  • Files are in the appropriate format
  • Resolution of supplied images are at the highest quality available
  • The supplied artwork is the correct size and bleed has been added
  • Colours are pantone or CMYK
  • For supplied artwork, please make sure all spelling and grammar is correct