The Christchurch Town Hall

The newly restored Christchurch Town Hall is a heritage-listed building of which most Christchurch people have fond memories.

This major project has restored the building and it’s distinctive heritage features to its former glory, which included recreating old with new brass lettering and timber to match the original signage. The brass, laser etched aluminium and timber signage complements the rich red & brown tones to create a warm, inviting and classic architectural ambience throughout the entire complex.

Town Hall 631cr
Town Hall 606
TH 9662
Town Hall 629

Innovative manufacturing methods were required to achieve the heritage look, but with a modern feel to meet the day to day running of the refurbished complex. This included a series of signs from individual 3D brass, acrylic and braille to featured timbers and free standing directional plinths.

It was a pleasure to be a part of the team, bringing this beautiful building back to life.

TH 9689
Town Hall 657
TH 9708