Ravenscar House Museum

An architectural single-sided fabricated exterior plinth with illuminated push-though text for Ravenscar House Museum.

Ravenscar Museum

Ravenscar is a house museum donated to Christchurch by Jim and Susan Wakefield to showcase the Ravenscar Trust Collection of decorative art. “Our hope is to see Ravenscar House become, like its location, something between a museum and an art gallery, but with its own special atmosphere, and above all, a living place.” Susan Wakefield, September 2015.

Signtech was tasked to create an iconic architectural plinth sign that would complement and enhance the building aesthetic. Designed from the ground-up, we created a single-sided fabricated exterior plinth with illuminated 3D push-through lettering and internal LED lighting.

Fully fabricated and manufactured in our factory, this plinth features discrete joins and fixings with a variable width recessed bottom section, high gloss premium paint finish and push-through illuminated 3D lettering with matte black blockout vinyl to the face.

Smart design for the internal framing meant very little fixings are visible on the exterior to create a clean architectural statement. The blue background was chosen to add a block of bold colour as a contrast against the stone building, producing a solid canvas for the illuminated 3D push-through letters to be legible. Specific LED's were used to create a subtle edge glow at night.

Signtech also manufactured other signage throughout the art gallery including; printed ACM panels with graphics wrapped around all edges, laser etched stainless steel info signs, a folded aluminium garden sign, and folded ACM car park signs. We helped develop and establish the brand, as the colours used by the original design company were not achievable though digital printing.