Motus Sports Hub

The South Island's leading sports medicine clinic shines bright on Moorhouse.

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Motus Sports Hub is founded on the philosophy that exercise is medicine. Together with Sports Doctors Ltd, they’ve created New Zealand’s largest multi-disciplinary sports medicine clinic. Combining their expertise and integrating services, the sports medicine professionals at Motus focus on you and your goals.

Signtech were approached to create premier signage that leverages a brand new building in a prime location. Situated within the commercial and retail district of Christchurch’s city centre, the signs sit on Moorhouse Ave, near Antigua St.

Driving by you’ll see we hand fabricated two full sets of individual three dimensional letters and logos. Using internal LED lighting and a smaller set of non-illuminated letters, these were installed directly to high and mid level building fascia cladding.

Fully fabricated in-house, these signs feature an illuminated face with opaque sides to deliver message clarity. The physical depth of these letters mounted to the fascia cladding fins generate a shadow to amplify the 3 dimensional effect.

The scale of the signs compared to the background is weighted so the focus remains on the logos, and therefore not lost in the busy background of nearby architecture. The installation of the support framing is designed to spread the weight across the fins evenly to prevent any unnecessary loading damage.

The completed exterior 3 Dimensional hand fabricated illuminated letters and logo work well for Motus Health’s building, make sure you look out when you drive by.