gin gin

Beaming a light on a signature brand.


Reopening its doors on New Regents Street, gin gin is the newest, trendiest neighbourhood bar and a crowd favourite amongst Christchurch locals. It’s hard to miss gin gin with its pastel pink exterior, and the energy it pours out onto the street.

Signtech fully hand crafted the signage that sits outside gin gin, built to suit the bar’s aesthetic and framework, while aligning with their ethos. We wanted to beam a light on their signature brand, to further enhance their brand story around the entrance.

When you pass gin gin on the street, the first thing you’ll notice is the word ‘gin’ lit up and perched above the footpath in illuminated spheres - highlighting what they do best. Perfecting the scale of this sign was extremely important for the overall space to work.

You’ll next be greeted by gin gin’s signature and quirky logo, built as 3D exterior lettering overtop of gin gin’s famous shade of pink. The curvy sign welcomes you into their world by giving you a taste of the playfulness you can expect inside.

Once you’re in, the colours, shapes and atmosphere work coherently well. The rounded table tops, circling archways and wall-to-wall foliage, makes gin gin a one-of-a-kind spot to visit.

Gin gin is soon-to-be an iconic destination in Christchurch. It’s been fun to play our part in the build to help their unique vision shine through.

Grab a seat at gin gin on New Regents Street, Christchurch, or visit their website here.