Fisher Funds

Fisher Funds' window graphics catch the attention of passive drivers, while adapting to a curving street front location and still remaining in-line with the brand.


Fisher Funds is a specialist investment manager who manage more than $13 billion for over 250,000 investors.

They offer a full range of growth and income investment solutions including Managed Funds, Kiwisaver & Financial advice. Their mission is to make investing understandable, enjoyable and profitable for NZ investors.

After moving to a ground floor office that sits on a busy city intersection, our client needed bright, colourful and eye-catching window graphics. These also needed to serve as privacy for staff and clients.

Signtech created clean and punchy manifestation designs, relevant to the brand, while adapting to the curving street front location.

The design performs the core values of Fisher Funds, featuring the hero 'Kingfisher' brand icon. Technically, all of the graphics were applied to the inside of the glazing, then the Kingfisher image was hand cut to shape after the application.

This window manifestation was designed in unison with the rounded architecture and overall brand story.