Argus Group

The new Argus Group office and manufacturing plant recently engaged in some exterior and interior signage with Signtech.

Argus Night

Argus Heating are leaders in heating component design and manufacturing. They specialise in electric heating element design and production.

Argus approached us to create multiple interior and exterior signs for their new head office and manufacturing premises. Having recently expanded and refreshed their existing branding, we were tasked to produce outstanding signage to showcase their new move.

Using their base digital logo, we created clean and modern signage using different materials and techniques. For example, we designed, fabricated and installed a large exterior illuminated 3D sign, refurbished exterior entry plinth, entry wall graphics, interior reception 3D logo and boardroom manifestation.

The large exterior 3D illuminated sign features an illuminated face with day/night film applied to the letters. The letters appear black during the day and glow brilliantly at night. The entrance plinth was stripped, reclad with new ACM panels and LED lighting and features a push-though illuminated logo with dual colour day/night film as well.

Simple crisp plotter cut vinyl logos are applied to the front entrance wall. The reception wall features a precision router cut 8mm thick aluminium logo with a hand polished finish. Completing the corporate brand signage makeover is a plotter cut Dusted manifestation design with their staff slogan branding.

Silver & Chrome was one of the key elements that required emphasis to their new brand refresh, which we applied throughout their signage using different materials and finishes. Chrome edging for the exterior 3D, hand polished aluminium for the interior 3D, silver translucent for the faces of the plinth & exterior 3D 'swishes'.

We lastly completed vehicle and carpark signage following the clients brand guides.