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Our Award Winning Signs

The Sightech team on stage receiving an award for outstanding signage work

Signtech is proud to be amongst the most awarded sign companies in New Zealand. We have won 93 New Zealand Sign & Display awards across 12 different categories – the most of any signage company in New Zealand. We have also been awarded the NBR Special Merit Award for Business Sponsorship of the Arts and SCAPE Public Art recognition for our contribution to Art & Industry.

Over the years Signtech the Signmasters have entered numerous industry awards. One of the very special things about our work, is both having it a visual landmark in the city but also to have it recognised by the industry. In the Signtech office, we like to say that if you take a photo of a street in the Christchurch CBD, you will see at least one Signtech the Signmasters signs. The award process is just one way of quantifying the range and scope of work that we do and for us to acknowledge to our team, the extent of skills and talents that we have.


Take a look at some of our award winning signs over the years!

19 Gold
44 Silver
30 Bronze


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What is an Accredited Master Sign Maker?

The Master Sign Maker brand is recognised as a mark of exceptional quality and is awarded by the New Zealand Sign and Display Association board, after a very thorough appraisal of applicants work practices and ethics, production techniques and business practice.

A NZSDA Member who holds this accreditation falls into the elite category of the finest in our industry.  This member has proven to be highly proficient in a wide range of signage solutions, design, branding techniques and production methods.  They have demonstrated over a sustainable period to be reliable, trustworthy and competent business practitioners …… making them genuine Signage Masters.