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Signtech is a full-service signage company offering a very wide range of products. No sign or project is too big or too small. With our in-house consulting, manufacturing, and graphic design teams, we help our clients manage the process from concept to completion.

Our membership of the New Zealand Sign and Display Association (NZSDA) ensures adherence to the highest levels of professionalism and a commitment to the NZSDA Code of Practice. As Signtech installs signs all over New Zealand we insist in using fellow NZSDA craftsmen to assist wherever possible meaning that we can deliver the highest standards possible to all of our clients.

At Signtech we care about the effectiveness of our signs and pay particular attention to the needs of our clients. We are not shy and are fully prepared to advise our clients if we believe that, in our experience, a proposal is ill-conceived – in the nicest possible way, of course!

We strive to produce cost-effective signage solutions using innovative production techniques. We were the first company in New Zealand to install an Accubend 3-dimensional shape & letter machine enabling us to produce illuminated 3D lettering at great process. With one machine, laser engraving and cutting any material is all performed in house. We were also market leaders producing folded ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) plinth signage.

In addition to pure “signage” we also offer window film treatments, interior custom wall & door paper (imagine, for example, a spaceship blasting off, on your kid’s bedroom door), and glass graphics such as splashbacks, showers and kitchen islands. We also produce 3 Dimensional shapes and channel lettering. Signtech are accredited installers of all types of signage.

All our staff that may be involved on-site (including management) are “Site Safe” and “Site Wise” certified. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our people on our site, and yours.


Sign Maker Award

Of all our critics we especially treasure the evaluation of our peers. From the many awards received to the NZSDA Sign maker Award for excellence in design, variety, quality and service.

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